194_NHFD004The North Hampton Fire Department (NHFD) was established in 1956 to serve the residents of HamptonTownship. In the beginning, the fire department consisted of one 1956 International-American Pumper, designated as Unit 1, which was housed in a garage at a local motel. Soon, the department’s first station was built (shown in the picture) on North Pioneer Road and consisted of a simple wooden shed to house Unit 1 and an air raid siren to alert firefighters of an emergency. These humble beginnings would soon become the groundwork for years of progress.

214_NHFD001As Hampton Township continued to grow, so did the need for adequate fire protection. Recognizing the changing needs of the community, the NHFD responded by increasing the size of its fleet and personnel. By the 1970′s, two American-International Pumpers were in service along with a Brush Truck, an Air Truck, and a 75 foot Aerial Ladder Truck. To house these units, a brand new station was built onNorth Pioneer Road, to replace the original wooden shed, along with a second station on Wildwood Road Extension. Today, both of these buildings remain home to the North Hampton Fire Department’s six apparatus and almost 40 active volunteer members.

220_NHFD002Although much has changed since 1956, the dedication of the men and women of the NHFD has remained steadfast and consistent. In fact, since its inception, the NHFD has been dispatched to over 11,000 emergency calls and has responded to 100% of those calls. In addition, our members undertake countless hours of training and community service every year to best serve the residents of HamptonTownship and neighboring communities.

In a fire service that is constantly changing with new ideas, techniques, tools and equipment, the NHFD remains committed to a policy of education and innovation, just as it has for 55 years. Our fleet of trucks is modern and well equipped. The tools and equipment we use are state-of-the art. Our members are more highly trained than ever before. We are proud of our history and commitment to the future and look forward to continuing to provide HamptonTownship and surrounding communities the very best fire protection possible.

“When a man becomes a fireman his greatest act of bravery has been accomplished.  What he does after that is all in the line of work.”  ~Edward F. Croker


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